December topics

We skipped December 2023 so we covered the topics in this session.

The Cyberspace Meta-Protocol: An Extension of Reality

OCEAN not including inscriptions in blocks

Ocean Payouts and Mining Pools

Mt Gox Paying Creditors after 10 Years

Rot13Maxi Cheeky Script

BIP resource Discussed how BIP39 is still “Proposed”!

Public Pool Umbrel App

General Nostr


Collaborative Custody


nick leaves, ben takes over as host

Ordinals Are An Attack On Bitcoin, But Not How You Think They Are! ties in with the BCH + BSV hard fork enthusiasts and also Neo blockchain involvement which links to the CCP. (Bitcoin magazine a big culprit too)

The world’s first Bitcoin-centric Ai

Also see unleashed and plebai

Atomicals Theory and Digital Objects on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Layer 2 - Bitfinity - EVM Compatible

Phoenix - Request Inbound Liquidity