Melbourne Bitdevs is on the last thursday of every month at the RMIT Blockchain Hub.

As a group, we discuss the latest Bitcoin news from a technical perspective. Sometimes we diverge into adjacent fields of privacy, self hosting, free software, and more!

Join the telegram to join our group, confirm event details - and be let upstairs!

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News items for this month

Please suggest any noteworthy topics for next month in the GitHub issue! We’re open to discussing pretty much anything Bitcoin or Bitcoin-adjacent!

Things to note

Attendence is often larger than meetup page RSVPs.

This event is not streamed online, to preserve free discussion, atmosphere, engagement, and community.

To facillitate optimal free and open discussion, privacy of attendees is taken seriously, absolutely no photos/recordings without explicit consent from all parties. Chatham house rule applies.

Group Activities

We aim to occasionally try new software or tutorials as a group, building applicable skills within a supportive group environment. So please try to bring a laptop machine along with you! MacOS or Linux preferred (for windows you could use a virtual machine).

Accumulating list of possible tasks we might be interested in exploring as a group. Please try have access to MacOS or Linux

Multisig and Carrots

Build a taproot multisig with your friends, and to spend from it. carrot Create a multisig with taproot and spend from it using BDK carrot.


Breeze SDK

Integrate Lightning and bitcoin payments into apps with a very shallow learning curve.


Silent Payments on Signet

Like BIP47 (paynym) without notification transactions


Loin: Payjoin Lightning Channel Funding

Install the Polar testing environment to spin up 2 LND nodes. Create a Collaborative Lightning Channel Opens (privacy++)


A Tour of Core Lightning (base58 repo)

Core Lightning (CLN) is a lightweight, highly customizable and standard compliant implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network protocol. We’re going to spin up a couple nodes, make a regtest lightning network, and sling some sats around making payments between the nodes.